ACTUALIZACIÓN: A partir del martes 11 de junio, el período de votación ha comenzado y durará hasta el lunes 17 de junio a las 11:59 pm hora de Estados Unidos / Nueva York. Cada miembro debería haber recibido un correo electrónico con un enlace de votación. Si no recibió un correo electrónico con un enlace de votación, comuníquese con inmediatamente.

UPDATE: As of Tuesday, June 11, the voting period has begun and will last through Monday, June 17th at 11:59 pm America/New_York time. Every member should have received an email with a voting link. If you did not receive an email with a voting link, please contact immediately.

You are about to vote on what might be the most important decision about May First in our organization's history.

We are making changes to our support ticket policy that have political implications and so we want you, as members, to know about these changes and share with us any thoughts you may want to share.