This membership meeting was the most successful in our history. At last count, 115 members registered for it and we counted about 80 participating in both places. Thank you for your continuing support or and involvement in May First's work.

The following new Leadership Committee members were elected:

  • Jimeno Montiel Edgar Fredy
  • Micky Metts
  • Melanie E L Bush

The following members were re-elected to a new term:

  • Juan Gerardo Dominguez Carrasco
  • Alfredo Lopez

All proposed structure proposals have passed.


La Asamblea de Membresía de Primero de Mayo / Enlace del Pueblo, se llevará a cabo simultáneamente en Brooklyn y Ciudad de México, así como en línea, el viernes 11 y sabado 12 de Noviembre.

¡Por favor regístrese!


The May First/People Link Membership Meeting will take place simultaneously in Brooklyn, Mexico City and on-line on Friday, November 11 and Saturday, November 12.

Please register!


May First/People Link has joined the Yes Men and Internet news commentator Rebecca ("Becky Boop") Prince in an Amicus Brief fighting corporate control over Internet content that was submitted to the Supreme Court today.

The case began when Universal Music Publishing Group forced the removal of a video of a dancing girl (posted by her mother) using the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA) simply because music playing in the background was under their copyright ownership.


Please join May First/People Link at both the World Forum of Free Media and the World Social Forum in Montreal August 5th through August 14th. See below for a list of workshops organized by MF/PL and MF/PL members.

World Forum of Free Media Events

Monday, Aug 8

There's a full audio of the July 12 on-line workshop on Local Surveillance; its impact and how we oppose it.

It was an excellent workshop that can serve as a discussion starter and educational tool and we encourage you to listen and distribute the audio of it as much as possible.


11 de julio de 2016, para publicación inmediata

Declaración sobre los ataques recientes contra el sitio web "Las Vidas Negras Importan" (* Black Lives Matter) Black Lives Matter, y Primero de Mayo / Enlace del Pueblo

July 11, 2016
For immediate release

Statement on the Recent Attacks on Black Lives Matter's Website

from Black Lives Matter,, Design Action Collective and May First/People Link

Ese es el enlace para registrarse para una presentación "on-line" que organiza el Primer de Mayo/Enlace Popular para sus miembros y amigos el 12 de julio a las 2:00 pm (hora Mexico, Distrito Federal) o 3:00 pm (Este EEUU). Sobre:

Vigilancia Local -- su impacto y nuestra oposición

Presentan un panel extraordinario de dirigentes y activistas en las luchas locales en contra la vigilancia:


We are organizing an on-line presentation for MF/PL members and friends July 12 and 3:00 pm Eastern U.S. time about:

Local Surveillance -- what it does to us and how we can oppose it

This is the registration link:

There will be presentations from local organizers working on this issue and plenty of time for questions. Save the date and time!