As you may be aware, two significant technical vulnerabilities have been discovered and were publicly announced yesterday.

They are called Meltdown and Spectre.

Unlike most technical vulnerabilities, which are caused by poorly written software, Meltdown and Spectre are caused by the way computer chips work. In other words, they aren't code mistakes; they reside in the actual brain of the computer. So they are very widespread and much harder to fix.

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Following is a brief summary on the results.

What are the three most critical software or software services that you use on a regular basis for your organizing work?

Please join May First/People Link, the Progressive Technology Project and ThoughtWorks at the Thoughtworks Manhattan office on Monday, November 13 from 6 to 9:00 pm for a Progressive Tech Salon (99 Madison Ave, 15th Floor, New York).

Tools have an important role in our movement - and our role as techies in figuring out the design and training components is critical. However, we also need to think as organizers, and begin addressing the bigger role technology plays in shaping both society and our movements.

We will be at two upcoming events doing Technology and Revolution convergences.

This Friday, October 20, May First will facilitate a Technology and Revolution session at the Radical Networks Conference running through October 19 to 22 in Brooklyn NY at

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Our workshop is at 5:10 pm and Alfredo Lopez is leading it.


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The German government has effectively outlawed the linksunten Indymedia Center, a joint member of Tachanka! and May First/People Link, in the most serious police state action we have seen in recent years. The attack began two weeks ago with raids (involving of money and equipment) at autonomous KTS Center (which the government is alleging is a linksunten "base") and several private homes to seize equipment and money belonging to alleged linksunten members.


German government officials today raided locations related to the Linksunten Indymedia Center, a joint member of Tachanka! and May First/People Link, officially banning the organization and forcing the organization's website off-line.

The government is accusing Linksunten, one of the German left's most popular and prominent media resource, of illegally "sowing hate."

This move is the most serious government attack on Linksunten and among the most serious on a member in our history.


On August 15, 2017, May First/People Link issued the following statement:

The demand by the U.S. Department of Justice on Dreamhost, the Internet service provider, represents an outrageous escalation in the government's recent history of violation of citizens' rights and should draw a militant and resolute response of resistance.


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Net Neutrality and the Fight to Regain It

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